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Tips to Maximize Natural Light in Your Tucson, AZ Home

Your home should be designed in a way that maximizes the sunshine, helping to brighten every room. Even if you spend a lot of time inside, you need a place where you can enjoy the sun. Good windows are important to create the natural light features that you desire. Even though the sun can be intense in Tucson, AZ, there are solutions to bring in the sunlight without bringing in the heat.

Here are a few things that you should consider if you want to boost the natural light inside:

Install New Windows

Old windows often have bulky frames that block the sunlight. Also, the old glass can have an impact on the amount of sunlight that can come in through the windows. It is common for people who own old properties to feel like they are always living in dark rooms.

Install vinyl windows so that you can increase the size of the windows. These features will bring in more sunlight due to the bigger glass panels that can be put in your home.

Add Mirrors

Placing large mirrors on the walls will help to reflect the sunlight that comes into the room. For example, you might choose a big mirror to place on the wall behind a couch. Even though the sunlight doesn’t hit the mirror directly, the light in the room will be reflected. Adding a mirror makes the room feel brighter and more comfortable.

Change the Window Coverings

Even if you have large, beautiful windows, the window coverings might have a negative impact the sunlight that comes through. For example, heavy drapes can cover a portion of the window, limiting the amount of light.

Some homeowners want the privacy of closing the window coverings. But, they don’t like that the sunlight is blocked at the same time. One solution is to install shutters that can be closed on the bottom section of the window while leaving the shutters open at the top. You can bring in the sunlight and block the direct view into your home.

Why Low-E Coating is Important

If you are installing big windows, then it is essential that you choose specific energy efficiency window Tuczon, AZ features. One solution is to use a Low-E coating on the surface of the glass. The sunlight can hit the glass, but you don’t need to worry about UV rays coming inside.

Low-E coating blocks the dangerous UV rays. At the same time, the heat of the sun is reflected away from the house. You can bring in as much sunshine as you desire, without worrying about the negative effect on the efficiency of your home.

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