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Great Features For Patio Doors

patio doors for your Tucson, AZ homeIf you’re spending the time and money to get new patio doors for your Tucson, AZ home, why not go a little further and add some great features? There are lots of ways you can upgrade your patio doors, from new technology to safety features and style.   

Use this list of hot new patio door features and style ideas to inspire you to make your doors truly unique.  

  1. Fingertip Control – The new biometric SmartScan lock opens your doors at the touch of a finger. This smart scanner is battery powered and can remember up to 50 fingers, so everyone on your list can get in without keys. You can even program it for unlimited or temporary access to let in workmen when you’re not home.  
  2. Bronze – Bronze is in for patio doors. Customize your home with a bronze-clad look with andonized aluminum. This new material is weatherproof and durable so it won’t chip or fade. Check out finishes in black, copper, clear, champagne and three different shades of bronze.  
  3. Invisible Screens – TruScene screens for patio doors block bugs without ugly, old-fashioned screens. These micro-fine steel mesh screens catch the smallest bugs, but are practically invisible to the naked eye.  
  4. Built In Brackets – Get ready for a storm with hide-away interior brackets. These recessed brackets can hold plywood in place during bad weather, but fold away completely when not in use so you can enjoy your patio door.  
  5. Shatterproof – Go with new three-layer glass for your doors to resist shattering. Made with a shatter resistant polymer core surrounded by glass on both sides, this pane material can hold up to blows from a 9-pound 2×4 shot from a cannon at 50 feet per second. 
  6. Rustic – Vintage and rustic is in, so make your new patio doors on trend by adding a Prohibition-era “speakeasy grille” that slides out of the way to reveal only the eyeballs of the inhabitants, or a medieval clavos for even more originality.  
  7. Disappearing Screens – Pull these screens up when the patio door is open, or roll them away and out of sight when its closed. This is especially handy if you want to block bugs, but don’t want to look at ugly metal screens. You can even get a remote-control version for even more convenience.  
  8. Password Protected – Ditch the key and install a password door keypad. These locks open with 4 digit access codes, and work on deadbolts for exterior patio doors and latches for interior doors.  

These are just a few of the ways you can make your new patio doors even better. Want more information on cool features for Tucson, AZ patio doors and more? Give Olander’s Window Replacement a call at 520) 326-2909, (or pay us a visit at our showroom at E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712. We’re happy to help you choose great patio doors and outfit them with amazing features to improve your home.

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