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New Vinyl Windows Will Reduce Heat Transfer in Tucson, AZ

When the sun is blazing outside, do you find it hard to keep your home cool and comfortable? Tucson, AZ is known for the hot weather. As a homeowner, you need to be proactive to protect your home with energy-saving upgrades. Vinyl windows are a great place to start when you are ready to reduce heat transfer in your home.

Stop Cranking Up the Air Conditioner

If the house is too warm, then most homeowners will adjust the thermostat to improve indoor comfort. But, these thermostat changes will just increase your energy usage and utility bills. Changing the temperature won’t address the root problem in your home: poor energy efficiency.

It is a never-ending battle to keep your home cool if you have old windows in place. These outdated materials let the cold air flow outside and bring in the warm air from the hot sun. This thermal transfer makes it difficult to maintain the right temperature inside.

Instead of adjusting the air conditioner every time it gets too hot, consider the benefits of solving the energy efficiency problems in your home. These upgrades will decrease the amount of energy that is needed when you are using the air conditioner.

Finding the Problematic Areas

The first step is to identify the spots where the air is leaking. When you are running the air conditioner on a hot day, take time to assess the temperature fluctuations in each room. Do you notice that the temperature changes when you approach the windows? If the air is warmer near the windows, then it means that you have poorly insulated glass.

A visual inspection can be another effective way to see if you need new vinyl windows. Look for cracks around the frame of the window. Can you see sunlight peeking through areas around the window? These cracks indicate that you have drafty air coming inside.

When it is raining outside, look for signs of water leaking through the window frames. When water seeps through the windows, the leak could lead to mold growth or water damage. These problems are expensive to repair. So, it is best to replace the windows before you have a restoration project on your hands.

Another test is to check the airflow with a candle. Light a small candle and hold it up in front of the window frame. Which way does the smoke blow? Can you see the flame flickering because air is coming through the gaps? Move the candle around the perimeter of each window to find the problem areas.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

If these DIY inspections indicate that you might have issues with your windows, then the next step is to schedule a professional inspection with our team. New windows will eliminate the heat transfer, helping to insulate your home. We will schedule a complimentary in-home appointment to inspect your windows. Our goal is to identify potential problems in the early stages, helping to protect the quality of your property.

For more information about vinyl windows Tucson, AZ, talk to our experienced team at Olander’s Window Replacement. Our office is located at 4141 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712. Call to set a time for your home inspection: (520) 326-2909

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