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Replace Drafty Windows with New Vinyl Windows in Tucson, AZ

Sit down on the couch during a hot day in the summer. Can you rest comfortably, or do you feel the heat of the sun coming in through the windows and doors? If you have old windows in your Tucson, AZ home, then it can be a challenge to control the comfort of your home. These materials bring in the drafty air, making the temperature change in each room.

You can adjust the thermostat so that the air conditioner kicks on more frequently. But, this temporary solution will only run up your utility bills. Even though the air conditioner is running, it is possible that you are experiencing unwanted air exchange through the old, drafty windows.

Check Your Home for Drafty Air

Before you decide to spend money on vinyl windows, consider the benefits of checking for drafty air. There are a few things that you can do to see if your windows are bringing in outside air:

Visible Crevices in the Frames: Inspect the window frames to see if you can identify any crevices or cracks. These weak points are likely bringing in the air from outside. Not only is the warm air coming in, but the cool air from your air conditioner is being leaked outside at the same time.
Alignment of the Frames: When the windows open and close, are the frames in alignment? The sashes should be hanging properly to ensure the alignment of the frames. At the same time, warped window frames can also cause problems with alignment. The best solution is to replace the windows to eliminate the warping problems.
Placement of Weather Stripping: Specific areas of your home can be positively impacted by the placement of weather stripping. For example, you might consider adding the stripping along the edges of the door or around any other areas that are leaking air.
Candle Flame Test: The final test is to hold a candle flame up to your windows and doors. Even if you don’t see visible cracks or damage to the frames, it is possible that drafty air is still coming inside. A flickering candle flame identifies the areas where the air is coming through so that you know the windows that need to be replaced.

A few initial inspections and tests can help you determine if you need to invest in replacement windows. But, don’t overlook the benefits of calling our team for a professional inspection as well. We know the warning signs that your windows might be having problems. We can offer repair or replacement recommendations to improve the performance of your home.

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